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Back Into Music

After a hard week of 6 music auditions tacked on to my first week of learning on the block program, I'm excited to start playing music in a college setting. I'll be performing with:

  • Concert Band (euphonium)
  • Chamber Choir (bass/baritone)
  • Chamber Orchestra (trombone/trumpet)

I'm still waiting to hear back from one of the a cappella groups and the jazz band. I'm also going to be joining a conducting class and taking private trombone lessons.

I'm certainly excited to see what making music is like outside of high school. I'm honestly clueless-- I have no idea what kind of music these groups will be selecting, how much work it will be to prepare them, and where I stand as far as preparedness.

However, it definitely feels like I've taken a small gap and haven't gotten to play much music lately, so I'm really excited to dive into it headfirst again in whatever manner is possible.

I'm considering seeing if I can create a small brass-band similar to the Basalt StreetHorns group I was in in high school. I think it could be a really exciting way to a) have some sort of leadership position in music, b) play with a brass group, which I absolutely love, and c) get to play fun music, and perhaps be in charge of deciding the music and arranging it. The goal is a little ambitious since I've been here just over two weeks-- but I'm going to try to gauge interest and if it's something people genuinely want to do, I would love that.

This weekend I got the pleasure of seeing a Phish concert, which my brother took me to. He, my parents, and I were all able to go and got a really good spot to see the concert. It was certainly stimulating and had a lot going on at once, but I'll admit that while I was skeptical about going at first, there were moments where I did somewhat fall into the music and realize how complex some of the things they were playing were. I really enjoyed the concert and was really happy to see my family.

I'm definitely happy here so far, but it's really nice to be able to think about what's going on back home and check back in. I got to see some videos of the aforementioned StreetHorns playing at the Jazz Aspen Snowmass concert and that was awesome-- I definitely wish I could have been there. I've been keeping up on all the improvements going on with the Basalt schools and I'm excited about the direction they're going.

For now, I gotta get some readings done for tomorrow-- big day!

By Daniel, on September 3, 2017, 6:40 pm